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Know Your Rights

Dealing with the stress of a collision is hard enough without trying to figure out how your accident insurance works. Precision Collision will be your advocate to safely restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Here are some answers to frequently-asked questions about insurance policies or click on Illinois Auto Insurance Rights on our home page.

Are estimates free and do I need an appointment?
Estimates are free and no appointments are necessary. At Precision Collision, we strongly believe that collision estimates should be free and on your schedule. If you're in need of auto body repair, auto painting or other collision services you can trust the team at Precision Collision understands that this is both a stressful time and one that does not allow for much flexibility in your schedule. You don't deserve the runaround and we promise not to ever do that to any of our customers. All of our estimates are 100% free and we do everything we can to accommodate your schedule and needs in order to make the entire vehicle process as painless as possible.

Am I required to notify my insurance company before repairs begin on my vehicle?
YES. Your insurance policy requires you to notify your insurance company and make a claim report. Once a claim report has been made, you may proceed to leave your vehicle at the repair facility of YOUR CHOICE.

Who pays for repairs?
It depends on the circumstances. If you were at fault, but have comprehensive or collision insurance, your insurance company would pay the costs minus your deductible. You pay Precision Collision your deductible amount. If the other party was at fault, their insurance company should pay.

Who is responsible for payment to Precision Collision ... the insurance company or me?
You are. Your insurance policy contract states that your insurance company will pay for the damages to your vehicle, less the deductible amount. You may instruct your insurance company to pay directly to the repair shop of choice, however, full payment must be arranged prior to your vehicle being picked up.

How long will it take to fix my car?
Repair time will vary based on factors such as the severity of damage, vehicle model, and parts availability. Occasionally, hidden damage uncovered during the repair process can also be a factor. However, the streamlined efficient workflow at Precision Collision maximizes productivity and speeds up repair time. On your estimate, there is an estimated number of hours it will take to repair your vehicle. Divide that number by 5 to estimate how many days the work will take. We get your car in and out in as long as it takes to do a high quality job - and not a minute longer!

What about a rental car?
Precision Collision has our own fleet of on-site rental cars. Some insurance companies will want you to use their preferred national vendor for a rental car. Tell them Precision Collision will make it easy on you and will even bill them at their national vendor's rate. Our goal is to make it easy for our customers.

What is Direct Repair Program (DRP)?
Precision Collision is authorized by many insurance companies to estimate auto body repairs, send photos and other relevant information directly to the insurance company. With notification of the insurance company and authorization from the customer there is no need to wait for an adjustor to come out and estimate damages. We will write the estimate, send photos, info, order parts and greatly accelerate repairs to your vehicle being on the Direct Repair Program.

Why choose Precision Collision?
Our specialized technicians are trained to work on all makes and models and participate in ongoing education programs on the latest vehicle technologies and materials. Our motto is excellence guaranteed and we stand by it. Most repairs carry a limited lifetime warranty. We are wreck-omended by our customers, just ask your friends and family and they will tell you Precision Collision.

We want thank you for allowing us to be your advocate in restoring your baby back to its pre-accident condition. Any questions feel free to call us at 217-463-9500.


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